Hello! I'm Alex, the mind behind Evolution Fitness & Nutrition.

My story

"I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body."

Hello! I am Alex, an ISSA-certified fitness coach and Exercise Therapist living in Toronto. Sport has always been a part of my life, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been a way of life for me.

Based on my studies on balanced nutrition I have realized that 80% of the results we see are due to nutrition while the other 20% come from an active lifestyle. After monitoring my nutrition, changed some of my habits, and in a short period of time seeing impactful changes in my health, I started helping those around me to get into their best emotional and physical state through  training and individual nutrition plans.

All nutrition plans are adapted to each person’s eating habits. There are no restrictive diets, intermittent fasting, or hunger limitation on products.
I use my knowledge on body and muscle mechanics to create each training and nutrition plan based on individual habits and lifestyle.

My trainings include boot camps, group training, and one on one training. Each training contains different variations of exercises for each muscle groups. Some of my programs include kickboxing, weight training, circuit/conditioning, and endurance training.

Some of the equipment I leverage during training sessions include dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, Bowflex.

I am also an NCCP certified swim coach offering swimming lessons and am currently learning occupational therapy to help people recover from injuries through sport.

Alex Ivancenco

Founder and trainer
founder and trainer
founder and trainer
Founder and trainer
Founder and trainer
founder and trainer
founder and trainer
Founder and trainer

My goal is to drive brilliant results, every time.

No two individuals are the same, neither should their training plan be the same. Together, we will craft a training and nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and is designed to ensure you achieve your ultimate goal.
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"His workout techniques are very different from ordinary workouts. Everyday, he will come up with different workout like cardio, upper body workouts, boxing, weight training and different forms too. Never get bored like you work out same things in a Gym. In fact we look forward to it everyday and what is awaiting us."


"My daughter of 9 years has been training with Alex for 2months. In just a few weeks I can see a huge change in her strength, stamina, endurance as well as the ability to perform various levels of challenges that Alex threw at her. Alex is focused, passionate and genuinely interested in seeing development and growth in anyone that he trains."


"Working out with Alex has improved my overall strength and flexibility. His creative approach and variations of exercises keeps u motivated and will definitely test ur body in ways u never expected. And his challenges at the end of workout will push urself to the limit but in a good way."


"I am grateful to my fitness Coach Alex for individual professional approach to my fitness training. Cheer up and energy is provided for the whole day. Alex is very attentive to every person for any age who would like lose weight or add or improve health. Prepare an individual diets and exercise. I advise for every one to Coach Alex and you will never regret."